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About us

Gdansk Water and Wastewater Infrastructure (GIWK) is the owner of the water supply and wastewater collection system in Gdansk. Company's main obligation is management and development of water supply and waste water collection system - the largest such system in the Pomeranian district. One of the biggest investment tasks currently being developed is Gdansk water and wastewater project - stages I & II. Apart from this task, GIWK carries a wide range of smaller investments.

Main goals of the investments are as follows:

  • supply of drinking water to inhabitants of Gdansk, of quality compliant with Polish and EU regulations,
  • improvement of waste water management in order to reduce quantity the load of pollutants discharged into the Baltic Sea,
  • sustainable and effective management of sewage sludge, in compliance with environmental standards.

Recently GIWK has started a Complex monitoring program of underground water intakes. The program will provide a full range of data about quality and flows of underground waters. Early detection of pollution and continuous analysis of the results of measurements will enable the precautions to be taken.

In 2011, the Company has extended the area of activity by sludge management activity. With built in 2008-2011 the sludge incinerator the Company will ultimately be able to dispose of 69,268 tons of sludge. The method to be used at Gdansk East Wastewater Treatment Plant - Thermal utilization of sewage sludge in fluidized bed furnaces are considered the best and safest.

Auxiliary activities of the Company are the tasks of raising awareness and ecological knowledge of the inhabitants of Gdansk. Examples here are : educational workshops for children and young people to extend knowledge of how to protect water supplies and also the issues of wastewater treatment.

Management & Organization

The Board of Directors and the Supervisory Board of GIWK were appointed through a resolution of the Shareholders' Assembly on 6th August 2004.

  1. Current members of the Supervisory Board:
    • Iwona Bierut,
    • Bogusław Wasilewko,
    • Ryszard Bongowski,
    • Andrzej Kasprzak.
  2. Members of the Management Board:
    • Jacek Piotr Skarbek - President of the Management Board,
    • Peteris Gailitis - Member of the Management Board.