Elektroniczne Biuro Obsługi KlientaeBOK

Planned events

One of the objectives of GIWK Sp. z o.o. is supporting children and youths as regards the natural environment. We familiarise the youngest residents of Gdansk with the issues connected with the protection of natural water resources, the Baltic Sea as well as with the renewable energy. We co-operate with non-governmental organisations, institutions and enterprises that deal with the protection of the environment. We also make artistic groups engaged in common tasks. We have been taking particular care of the Coastal Belt where the protection zone of water intakes of Czarny Dwór and Zaspa are located.

We invite schools to submit their participation in the proposed activities.

Mural Workshops - May 2011


The workshops are designed to create murals in the theme of ecology that will decorate the walls of selected communal buildings in Gdansk. The participants of the workshops will be persons connected with the residential estate/district where the communal buildings are located.