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The water treatment plant

The plant has been in operation since 1976. Between 1996 and 1999 the object was developed to include a biological part and since that time it has been operating as mechanical and biological treatment plant of the organic design capacity of 180 000. Currently, 96 000 m3/d of waste reach the plant, including 6.3% of the total inflow being waste from food processing, shipbuilding and chemical plants. In December 2008 the Wschód treatment plant took over the waste from the closed Zaspa waste treatment plant. Due to the necessity of adjusting the waste treatment parameters to the stricter requirements of total nitrogen removal there was a need to modernise the plant and to verify the design assumptions. The modernisation has been in progress since 2009 and its completion is planned to take place this year. Following the modernisation the treatment plant capacity will amount to 120 000 m3/d.

The plant accepts waste from the neighbouring communes of Kolbudy, Żukowo, Sopot and the town and commune of Pruszcz Gdański. The collection of waste in the area of the city is executed through the separate sewage system operating in the gravitational pumping system. Within the premises of the treatment plant, there is also a collection point for waste transported by waste removal fleet. The release of the treated waste takes place through pumping pipeline, 2.5 kilometres into Gdansk Bay, through Bogatka pumping station.