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The “PRĘGOWO" water intake - is a drainage intake. It consists of two drainage lines located in Dolina Pręgowska [Pręgowo Valley] and in Dolina Ostróżek. The intake is located in the area of Kolbudy commune. It was put to use in 1869. The main drainage tracts, located at the depth of 4÷5 metres below the sea level were made in the form of a gallery with an arch vault made of bricks. In 1991/1992, the drainage system in Dolina Pręgowska was extended by two tracts of 213 metres and 81 metres in length. The length of the main drainage tracts in Dolina Pręgowska is approximately 1700 metres and of the side tracts is approximately 1000 metres.

The water is gravitationally carried to the collective well from which it is transported to Orunia Reservoirs and then directed to the municipal water supply system.

Meanwhile, the drainage intake in Dolina Ostróżek has been excluded from supplying the municipal water system in 1995. Water from the inactive drainage is directed to a surface flow. There is a plan to activate the drainage system in Dolina Ostróżek into operation. Currently, the water supplied to the system is not subject of treatment. The construction of a water treatment plant at the “Pręgowo" intake, within the currently executed investment project, will make it possible for the water quality parameters to reach the sanitary standards compliant with Polish and the European Union requirements.