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Zaspa wodna

The “ZASPA WODNA" water intake is located in the direct vicinity of the Coastal Belt, at the place where Chrobrego street and Powstańców Wielkopolskich street converge in Gdansk-Wrzeszcz. Until 1962, the post-German intake was the basic source of water supply for Gdansk-Wrzeszcz water supply system. After WWII, from 1945 to 1955 it was completely reconstructed. Currently it is one of the most important water intakes of Gdansk, supplying water to Wrzeszcz and Zaspa.

The intake covers quaternary and cretaceous strata. The whole facility comprises 12 quaternary and 3 cretaceous wells as well as the pumping and treatment plant. The water taken from the well is directed to the water treatment plant where it is treated through filters and pumped into the municipal water supply system. At present, there are expansion works of “Zaspa Wodna" treatment plant taking place together with a complete technological line. The investment project includes the construction of a delivery pipeline making it possible to carry and treat the water taken from the “Zaspa Wodna" intake to the nearby “Czarny Dwór" water treatment plant. This project will ensure that the quality standards compliant with Polish and the EU requirements will be met.